International Business Thriving On Air Freight Service Companies


The globalization, and evolving manufacturing and retail practices had been some of the important factors that had contributed to the exponential growth of air freight industry in mid 1990s. And the reasons remain the same even today.

The world of business had diverted to ocean freight in past some years before finally shifting back again to the air freight realising its indispensability. Today, we have myriad airfreight companies that provide up to snuff services and it can be concluded that the world economy thrives on the astoundingly good services offered by these companies. Below-mentioned are the points that further clarify the role of Air Freight Service Companies in the growth of International Business:

Door To Door Services: The Freight Service experts take responsibility for availability of space along with flawless and timely delivery of the cargo. Most of the time, the cargo has to be transported at the door of the recipients. So, the services of airfreight companies also include Car Freight Services in addition to the Air Freight Forwarding. The consignments are thus provided with supreme care to the clients on time and at the appointed place. What’s more, the Freight Forwarding companies also offer Door To Door Services for both copious full container load (FCL) and also less than container load (LCL).

Value Added Services: The companies offering Air Freight Services also offer complete services pertaining to custom clearance, legal paper work, marine insurance, door pick-up, cross docking, documentation, etc. These companies also offer on demand courier shipment services.

Logistics: The Air Freight Services Providing Companies have vast networks. They understand that an excellent level of logistics is required so as to make speedy and timely delivery of the cargo. They coordinate well on the behalf of the organization that avails the services with the recipient who has to receive the goods. Thus, there is no misunderstanding or delays. And thus, Freight Forwarding Companies strengthen the client’s business relationships with the suppliers.

Personalised Services: Freight Forwarding Companies personalise their services as per the specified requirements, especially in case of urgent delivery. For instance, depending on whether you require the cargo to be delivered urgently or not, you can choose the freight type. The companies provide Express Air Freight Forwarding Service for delivering goods on urgent basis. General Air Freight Forwarding Service, as the name suggests, is for day to day general deliveries. There are also Special Air Freight Forwarding Services for transportation of goods such as pharmaceuticals that need special handling and attention.

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All You Need To Know About Freight Forwarding Services


Freight Forwarding is a kind of Transportation Service that involves moving goods from one place to another through airways, waterways or roads. Freight Forwarding Service encompasses the handling, transportation and distribution of goods over large distances. This service may also include custom clearance, cargo insurance and payment collection. By and large, the Freight Forwarding Services is availed by companies which are engaged in the business of supplying, exporting and importing massive quantities of goods.

Types Of Freight Forwarding Service
Contract Freight Forwarding
In this type of Freight Forwarding Service, the service provider manages few sections of supply chain of the products of the manufacturing company. Contract Freight Forwarding Service encompasses warehousing, transportation and distribution of goods manufactured by a company.

Global Freight Forwarding
Global Freight Forwarding Service is availed for import and export of goods from/to one country to another. This service encompasses the handling and transportation of freight via airways or waterways.

Overland Freight Forwarding
This type of Freight Forwarding Service basically involves loading goods on trucks and transporting them via roads to their destination. Railway network is also widely used for Overland Freight Forwarding.

Benefits Of Freight Forwarding Service

  • By availing Freight Forwarding Service, the company can save a lot of valuable time and money which it may further employ to manage other works and elevate the over-all profits.
  • Delivering goods to distant lands is not an easy task as it requires regional expertise for error-free management. Freight Forwarding Service Providers can efficiently manage all the hassles of transportation for timely supply, import and export of goods.
  • The value added services such as packaging, labeling, warehousing, quality-control and inventory management are efficiently accomplished by professional Freight Forwarding Service Providers.

Adebis Ventures UK Limited is a well-reckoned Service Provider that offers Freight Forwarding Services. The exclusive Freight Forwarding services offered by the company encompass Car Shipment Services, Sea Freight Services and Air Freight Services. The well-timed Delivery Services offered by the company are extremely appreciated by the clients of company. For more information about the services of the company, visit

Facts On International Shipping To Nigeria


Nigeria is an emerging market which has shown immense development within few years of its democratisation. According to World Bank, Nigeria attained lower middle income status soon after its democratisation in 1999. In recent years, many international giants have invested good amount of their money in sending shipping consignments to Nigeria to reap profits from its developing economy.

Following are few facts that consignees need to consider while shipping consignments:

  • Firstly, it is important to check whether you have all the required original documents to travel from one country to another like passport, visa, resident permit, etc.
  • It is also important to have a work permit that authorises you to make trade exchanges with Nigeria.
  • You must carry the invoice of sale and purchase while taking a Shipping Consignment to Nigeria.
  • It is also important for you to know that your Ship must be at least 8 year old for getting the permit to send Shipping Consignments to Nigeria.
  • Prohibited items like Airmail photographic, Air pistols, printing paper, Blank Invoices, Cowries, Base or counterfeit currency, combustible celluloid beads or any similar substance, international football pool coupons, etc. must not be carried with the shipping consignments to Nigeria.
  • It is important to carry all the proof documents related to the shipping consignment like proof of ownership, insurance papers, registration certificate and original logbook.

Adebis Ventures UK Limited is a renowned service provider offering services like General Cargo Forwarding, Freight Forwarding and Import. The company is engaged in offering a range of Freight Forwarding services like Air Freight, Sea Freight and Car Shipment. The company is also engaged in offering services like International Shipping to countries like Nigeria. The timely services offered by the company are well appreciated by clients. For more information about the services offered by the company, log on to company’s website

What Makes Sea Freight Transportation A Better Option?


Sea Freight is known to be one of the oldest and unsurpassed transportation systems in use. Many travellers of ancient and modern era have explored the world through waterways. Apart from travelling, waterways are also harnessed for transportation of ship consignments. Sea Freight Services basically refer to the use of waterways for the delivery of Cargo Freight from one country to another. Sea Freight Services have shown potential growth in the past few years. Few benefits of Sea Freight Services are discussed in details below:

  • Consignees prefer Sea Freight Services for transporting goods because it is safer than most other types of Cargo Freight Services. Sea Freight Services are safe and ideal option for delivery of Cargo Freight to distant places.
  • Sea Freight Services are relatively cheaper than most other modes of Freight Transportation. Huge shipping consignments can be delivered at comparatively lower costs via sea transport.
  • Most Sea Freight Service providers also cater to special requirements like customised temperature control inside the storage space of Ship according to the storage requirement of the goods to be transported.
  • Sea Freight Services is one of the oldest types of Freight Delivery mediums. Shipping consignments are less prone to accidents and the risk of damage or loss of goods is minimal. Therefore, Sea Freight Services are considered more reliable in comparison to other Freight Delivery Services.

Adebis Ventures UK Limited is a UK based company engaged in providing Import, General Cargo and Freight Forwarding Services. The company offers a range of Freight Forwarding Services that comprises of Air Freight, Sea Freight and Car Shipment. The well-timed Door To Door Delivery Service offered by the company is greatly appreciated by the clients of company. For more information about the services offered, browse through the company’s website

Air Freight Services – Why They Are The Best?


Air services were being used for mail delivery till 1911. Soon after, Air Freight was designed to easily transport cargo freight from one place to another. Air Freight Services refer to flight services that are used exclusively for transportation of Cargo Freight. Air Freight Services are used for Freight Transportation at state, national and international level. Many commercial Aircraft like Boeing 747 and 124 are employed for Freight Transportation Service. Following points will discuss in detail about the efficiency of Air Freight Services:

  • Since Air Freight Service is faster than most other freight delivery mediums therefore the Freight is delivered to its destination within the allotted time.
  • There are many reliable Air Freight Service Providers in the market and the demand for Air Freight Services can be met with ease.
  • Air Freight Services are a trustworthy Freight Transportation Service. The Cargo is delivered in good condition because the freight is safely packed and placed inside the Aircraft.
  • Air Freight Services can deliver freight to any remote location because today most of the countries around the world have at least one airport.
  • Air Freight Services are an economical delivery service because the cost involved in the whole procedure is much lesser than most of the other Freight Delivery mediums.
  • Air Freight Services can deliver freight of almost any size. Many Aircraft are designed to hold tonnes of weight and they also have the capability to safely deliver Freight of large and small sizes.

Adebis Ventures UK Limited is a well known UK based General Cargo, Freight Forwarding and Import Service Provider. The timely Door To Door Delivery Service offered by the company is appreciated by the huge clientele of company around the world. The range of Air Freight Services offered by the company comprises of Car Freight Services and Logistic Freight Services. For more information about the services offered by the company, log on to

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